Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Summer interrupts

Sooooooo, summer interrupted my sewing process quite rudely and very thoroughly:

 I have sewn one and half things. 
 I haven't had much time for commenting on blogs, I hope to catch up soon. 
A large part of my fabric stash was unceremoniously stuffed in a binbag and shoved under the stairs to make room for the kids to have friends over to play.  It is still there.  
I think I have lost my blogging direction..who knows... maybe it will return.  
My sewing machine is not working well. (See below)  
I am thinking about what to make in the autumn. 
I realise that I have a zero budget for autumn sewing.  
I am rethinking what to make in the autumn from my existing stash.  
I am determined I will finally sew with the wool crepe bought three years ago that I have been too scared to use.  

My sewing machine has been temperamental this summer.  I took the time to oil and clean it a few weeks ago and all went smoothly for a week or so.  Then it began snarling bobbin threads again.  I know I have to drive past the sewing machine shop later this week so I guess I will take it in for a service.  I hate having to do that.  But I realise I have had this machine for two and half years now, it has sewn A LOT for me and hasn't been serviced.  How about you?  Do you wait till your machine is throwing out knots and jamming before booking it in?  Or do you do all your own machine maintenance?
Look away if you cannot bear to see sewing notions mistreated.  Yes, that is a flour-encrusted piece of giant ric rac she's chewing on.  What can I say?  It was a long day.  


  1. I'd say this means you've had a good summer! I'm a little sad to think that I spent most, if not all, of my summer weekends at the sewing machine instead of the beach!

    I've heard that wool crepe is lovely to sew with, but I've never used it myself. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  2. My summer has been a bit like yours except with older kids, but still with sand and sea and lots of time outside. We have to grab it while we can in Britian. Plenty of time to sit down when the soggy skies return (as they are bound to do). I get a little twitchy when I don't post but I remind myself I'm doing this for fun. I have enough chores already!

  3. I think "Rocket Girl and the Giant Rick Rack" would make a lovely title for a short story - or maybe even a novel? ;)
    My summer also hasn't seen as much sewing as I thought it might, but who cares. Yay, summer! Hope your sewing machine is on the way to reconvalescence.