Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Parka Plans

It is sewing, Jim but not as we know it.  In a huge change to my way of sewing and buoyed up by your positive comments,  I have got organised, preplanning and ordered fabric samples prior to starting the Ottobre parka.  I ordered samples from 
Croft Mill and from FabricUK.  Both were very efficient at delivery.  This pattern is one where slightly vintagey-cutesy fabric shops with punning names are no good!  The pattern calls for lightweight waterproof fabric or a cotton canvas.  I would like to use waterproof fabric as I live in Britain.  
On the right are four samples from Croft Mill plus one of jersey (got sidetracked)
The four large samples are from FabricUK

very dark navy
The Croft Mill waterproofs were too lighweight for me.  The FabricUk ones featured an antiquewaxed cotton, similar to what  Barbour jackets are made from.  We are in the midst of moving to a village where such jackets are de rigeur for 
 the aspiring new country dweller,along with a brushed checked shirt in muted tones, tweed cap, green wellies. Oh boy, I will never fit in!  But do I want to?  Anyway, enough digression.  The fabric is an ideal weight but it is designed to show every scratch and mark which I don't want for my parka.  

 I think I am settled on the lightweight waxed fabric.  I am now torn between bright cheerful red or functional and versatile navy.  Help!  Which do you think?  Both would look good with white double top stitch methinks.


  1. No you don't want to fit in believe me.Good luck with the move too.
    bright cheerful red gets my vote.

  2. a waterproof coat, I am impressed! And yes go for red (good luck with the move)

  3. I vote for red, too! Apart from the cheerful aspect, you've got visibility. ;)

  4. You're so organized, cool! I am jumping on the red bandwagon too ;)

  5. Oooh, I like the red and the navy-- either one will be lovely!