Tuesday, 21 January 2014

2013 sewing

This year's sewing was sewing in twos and sewing wardrobe staples:.  Here are the twos:
  • Two Renfrews - yellow and purple, two pairs of Sew Liberated skinny jeans in red and in blue, two staple dresses by April Rhodes, two pairs of shorts from Simplicity 5558 (thank you Phillipa)

navy shorts

  • Two Tovas - grey and white floral
    grey tova

    spotty tee

    spotty Staple dress

    floral Staple dress

    blue Sew Liberated skinnies

Two Ottobre tunics

And sewn only once (so far)

Minna blouse from Salme patterns (unblogged)
Traveller dress from Sew Lisette
Spotty tee
Vogue green cord skirt

Most of these garments have been worn so much and become my staple everyday uniform, especially the Sew Liberated jeans and in the summer the Simplicity shorts.  The |Renfrews are slightly too big so I wear them but not as often as the Ottobre tunics which I wear and wash, wear and wash at the moment.  So  hurray for sewing wardrobe basics.
I have a few vague plans for 2014, but nothing concrete yet.  I just want to think about getting more creative,  linking sewing to my painting....returning to some form of teaching as I desperately need to earn some money!  Oh and finishing off my ufos of course!  I have recently bought the Lola pattern and the Paula pleated skirt from Maria Denmark so once the UFOs are done, those two patterns are top of my list.  

vogue skirt

Last year I learnt the value of looking after my sewing machine, reading the manual and changing the needle. Could I finally be moving away from being a slapdash sewer?  
Last year I have learnt that I have lots of ideas but I do not have the time or resources to follow them all
through. Maybe I need to focus more.  Hmmmmm...I will get to you about that. 


  1. I honestly think you had a brilliant sewing year! You made a lot and wear it all. Who could ask for more, really?! X

    1. Thank you...the one I rarely wear is the floral tova as it looks like a nightie on me!! xx

  2. Wow, you really made a lot of things! I'm impressed! I struggle with focusing on essential or favorite projects, too-- I always think I have more time than I do, and I don't always prioritize the right projects. It's not easy to do!

    1. I didn't realise I had made so much to be honest! It just seems to have grown and grown. xxx

  3. I love all these pairs - especially since so many of them have become wardrobe staples. A real sign of success!

  4. Mmmh, lots of lovely garments. :) Wardrobe basics that can be worn all the time are my favorites too. That Vogue skirt is an awesome colour, btw! :)