Wednesday, 29 January 2014


This weekend:

I used my new rotary cutter.  I made a high tech template from a cereal box.

And I cut many triangles.  Why?  
In an altruistic mindstorm at New Year's (no alcohol involved) I offered to make bunting for the scouts that my two older children attend. I spent the stormy New Year's Day, emptying my mum's cupboard of quilting fabrics and trying to think how to use the many small pieces of fabric in it without having to make a quilt myself.  So here I am, using my sewing powers for good.  Anyone else doing some altruistic sewing?


  1. I want to say yes...but I have to say no! The most altruistic I've been recently is to alter and label my daughter's dance costumes and I doubt that counts :) Are you going to hem all those flags?!

  2. I think altering dance costumes counts :) I was going to double side the flag, ie sew two seams in a pair and turn out and therefore not hem...make sense? Some are having applique on them you see so I don't want the reverse of applique showing! And I want them to be robust, I know it's more work but they'll last longer double. :)

    1. Probably quicker than doing lots of tiny hems anyway. & appliqué too, I hope your talents are appreciated!!

  3. yay to bunting! I love the colors!

  4. I reckon you'll get tons of joy sewing such colourful bunting!

  5. Wow, these colors are so bright and fun! I'm glad you have a rotary cutter for this-- cutting out a zillion triangles with shears sounds awful! I'm doing a bit of altruistic sewing today, finally working on a dress for my neighbor's granddaughter that I promised to make a few months back. You've inspired me to get going and finish the thing!

  6. Ooh, bunting! :D I agreed to make a top for a friend today, she's a musician and wanted a costume for the first performance of her new song. Apparently it's supposed to include a lot of glitter, spandex and a corset...