Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Me Made May - 9th - 20th May

 Oh my, May just goes on and on.  I have worn me mades every day but have missed several photos.  I have also been dogged by the strange lack of focus when using the timer on my camera.  I have taken so many bad photos this month that I resorted to a collage to try and hide my crappy skills.  So, clockwise from the biggest image:
Amy Butler Anna Tunic in grey with grey Nora tee underneath
Sew U corduroy skirt
Pink Lola dress
Floral Simplicity 2246/ Sew Lisette Traveller dress
Gather Patterns Mortmain dress (unblogged)
April Rhodes Staple Dress in spotty black and white
And today - 20th May:  Simplicity 3969 BBW dress

Conclusions and thoughts so far?
I cringe at seeing myself in photos some days.  Why persist in tak?ing crappy pics?  Why not apply some make up first?  Um... um.....I am not sure why I keep doing this but I am keeping on doing it.  Smiles.  How is your May going


  1. You are a star!! I think part of me made may is the crappy no make up photo- I always start with good intentions and maybe apply a little eyeliner ( not that it shows in a photo!) but then get to the stage that if I'm not wearing make up, just get the photo done and no one will notice! It's my hair that causes me dismay- sometimes wish I just had a me made hat to mask the strange behaviour!
    Anyway, keep going, you're looking good, colourful and very minnado. Nearly there now...

  2. Oh, I like your photos! Mine are often less than impressive, but I feel like I don't have the time (or possibly inclination) to get to grips with camera skills. I like the sewing and writing bits best. Anyway I might one day...another lovely colourful week for you I see. Just curious, do you normally wear handmades most of the time as that's what I'm aiming for.

    1. I do nor m allywearhandmades, it is a rare daywhenthereis nothing handmade. But this challenge is making me wear things I often don,t as I tend to my s t repeat wear the sAme few things. X

  3. Courage! I had to bow out this year. But I love seeing the real life wears :)

  4. I read blogs on my smartphone but commenting with it is not doable, I hate that! Just wanted to tell you that I have very much enjoyed your me made may post! I especially love all the dresses. I really want to get rid of my jeans and (sloppy) t-shirt look. You pictures are the best - there is more than enough picture-perfectness on internet as it is :)

    1. As, thank you, Mari, what a lovely thing to say. Made me smile x

  5. I love your photos! They're like a little window into your life and home, I think you look great! I'm in awe of your me-made's, you've got such a great wardrobe going and how you find the time I have no clue. Keep on trucking lovely lady, for you are gorjuss