Thursday, 18 June 2015


I haven't written a "recently.." post for ages but I have blogged so little lately that it seemed like a good way to catch up.  So,
Recently....there's been playing in the rain,
 Planning our summer holidays, reading US blogs always surprises me as they start summer holidays so much earlier.  Here we still have a month to go, but I have been quietly booking a few free or low cost workshops.

 There's been much fun in puddles...
Sort of recently, but actually a month ago, it was my birthday and I was given some money to spend.  I bought this sweet star necklace from Bybjor.  I love it and it arrived in lovely packaging. I also bought two pieces of fabric from Clothkits. A metre of each, spectacles and some pale grey dotty liberty fabric.  I have already stitched the liberty up and will share soon,  It's lying in a crumpled heap waiting to be ironed.  I was also given this cookbook.  The beetroot hummus was lovely but for my children it was A Step Too Far.  "When can we have some real hummus?"  I had to eat it all.  For three days.  
My favourite old friend sent me this bracelet.  
Recently, my sewing is mostly about this confection.  a mermaid outfit for Little I to wear in the local carnival in just over a week,  It is um...a work in progress...
What has everyone else been up to?  Anyone else sewing fancy costumes?  Or failing with hummus?  


  1. Hello hello Debbie! Let's see if the internets eat my comment this time (they kept doing so in the past and I finally gave up ... so just know that I've been reading faithfully, even if I haven't always commented). The beetroot hummus comment had me laughing! Your children are already adventurous eaters as it is :-), eating hummus! I once worked with teenagers who hadn't tried hummus ...

    Happy belated birthday to you! The necklace looks beautiful, just the thing to brighten up one's day, and that fabric - swoon! I haven't been wanty about fabric for ages, but those two both look temptingly scrumptuous. Especially the glasses. I thought I'd grown into a more sober and restrained, less whimsical phase ... but I guess not, LOL.

    Hope you've been doing well :-).

    1. Jessica! I was so happy to hear from you. I have to confess the oldest child would not try the hummus! Xxx xxx

  2. I hope the sunshine is here to stay for the summer holidays for us all! That cookbook sounds good, I love Leon. I made a beetroot risotto for my wee boy once, he ate it one night but then not the next day so of course I ended up eating it all, I loved it! Have fun with your new fabrics, the Clothkits website is dangerous!

    1. Beetroot risotto sounds very good to me. I felt like a ignorant countrybumpkin as I didn't know about Leon til I got the book. I agree about Clothkits website being dangerous, I'm staying away now!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! My husband loves beetroot to the point where he thinks a meal isn't a meal without it so he would love that recipe! I've made beetroot brownies before which went down quite well. I hope you have fun with your new fabrics xx