Friday, 9 September 2011

Autumn planning

I have found that sewalongs help me think out my plans and also help me to carry them out!
I am going to try and use up fabrics from my stash before buying any new ones.

The fabrics lacking in my stash are knits and plain fabrics. I deally I would like to buy second hand fabrics but I have to say I find it hard to buy second hand knit fabric and second hand plain fabrics (except for sheets). I am inspired by the latest edition of Ottobre magazine. I am sorry to be so vague and I will post photos soon but at the moment I have lost my copy. It was last spotted on my sofa a few days ago....
There are a number of categories for the sewalong. I have only opted for some as I want to keep this achievable and also I am trying to make things that fit in with my existing wardrobe. Below are the ones I have decided to concentrate on:

Fashionable foundations for frosty weather:

I am making a pair of light grey trousers (fabric is second from right in the top picture). I also hope to make a skirt using the black and grey stripey fabric in the top picture. Then I also have some grey poly-wool mix fabric with a thin blue stripe left over from my Uniform Project dress. I am not sure if I have enough for trousers. If I don't have enough then anothe skirt beckons.

Chic chemises for cooler climates:

I am half way through making a tunic top in the paisley patterned fabric shown above. This came from my bin bag stash and is more patterned than I would usually go for but I like the colour palette and it is good to try something different. In the middle picture it is next to my grey trouser fabric and I think the two go together well. I have just finished a Simplicity 3835 top from the Amy Butler spotted fabric in the top picture. I have already flickr-ed it in Self Stitched September.

Fabulous frocks

I would like to make a knit tunic fabric yet. I have got some gorgeous raspberry wool crepe to make a very simple dress with but have to admit I am scared of using it as it is such lovely fabric. I have read up on trueing wool crepe and I am scared.

Those cosy nights

I am planning on using a knit jersey trouser pattern from Ottobre and if I can find fabric also a kint hooded cardigan. Okay, that's enough planning for me.


  1. I have never had a go at a sew along and I must say that the idea is tempting.I tend to buy patterns and fabric randomly with no thought about how they match up with each other let alone how they will match with anything I already have.This was one of my conclusions after MMJ and I vowed that I would plan more but it does not seem to have happened yet!! perhaps a sew along would get me more organised!
    All your fabrics look lovely by the way.

  2. What a great plan and I really like your pretty fabrics. :) I'm stash-busting, too, for FESA.

  3. Ooooh, raspberry wool! I'm sure you'll manage it nicely!:) I'm still a bit vague about my fall planning...

  4. What a lovely palette and lovely plans!