Friday, 16 September 2011

Bumble bee cardigan

This is my bumble bee cardigan. It is dark purple and mustard stripes and started off life as a sweater with short sleeves and a cord threaded through a casing at the bottom hem. The cord made it quite baggy. To me there is something counter-intuitive about a short sleeved sweater or cardigan. I mean, I am either cold enough for long sleeves or too warm for a sweater.

I bought the sweater at easter in a charity shop near Exeter. At the time my mum said I would look like a giant bumble bee if I wore it but I ignored her and bought it. (Do we all ignore our mothers like this?) I had not planned to wear it as a a sweater as I don't particularly want to go out dressed as a giant bumble bee. Are you surprised at that?
It had an open neck and four press studs at the top. It has been lying in my to-do pile since easter and last week I finally took scissors to it. I just sliced it up the centre front and then zig zagged a tiny hem on each side. I left the original four poppers as I liked them and their detail. I think it is mainly a cardigan for wearing open anyway and for layering up. Despite my short sleeved cardigan reservations I like it and how it adds a pop of colour to the greys I have in my wardrobe. (Worn above with me-made anna tunic and me made nora tee shirt from Ottobre magazine, Autumn 2010)
This refashion is shared at Recycled Fashion Finds


  1. This is such a great refashion. I really like the color combination, and it works so well with your tunic!

  2. I agree and I think the whole thing looks wonderful!!

  3. This is a great re-fashion, very inspiring. You've given me some ideas... and also your whole look here is lovely. I really love that tunic with the front pockets, gorgeous!

  4. It's Great so see your bumble bee cardi. I remember hearing about it earlier this year. Totally fabulous with greys, genius!! It's funny that the idea of refashioning sometimes lives as a bigger task than when we get started. You make it sound so simple!

  5. I love it! Yes, it's bumble bee, but in a very cool way and it does look fab with grey. The little snaps are such a nice detail as well. I just bought some yellow tights (a first for me) and am planning to wear them with grey too.