Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ottobre Love Autumn 2011

Quite a while ago Ali blogged about using patterns as blocks and having

some pattern books which can be adapted to make a whole range of different clothes. I have found that Ottobre magazine sometimes delivers on this score. The subscription is 15, 90 euros per year which gives you two magazines. This comes to about £13.84, so under £7.00 per magazine. A bit more than Burda magazine but the sizing and styles of Ottobre are more to my taste and fit than Burda.

My copy of the Autumn Winter Ottobre magazine arrived a few weeks ago. It then got lost for about ten days after a hasty tidy up before guests arrived. I was happy to find it again on Monday. I had started to question how carefully I had checked the recycling box before it was emptied.

Reading this Ottobre makes me wamt to sew knits. Sadly I have no knit fabric in my stash, but happily I am going to Birmingham's rag market in October so I plan to write a Ottobre based list and look for some affordable knits.
Lots of these items are of the wardrobe staple variety rather than the "wow" sort. For instance, the turtle neck would be ideal to wear with layers in the colder weather.
I have one ancient GAP black ribbed turtle neck that has been mended many times. Definitely time for a me-made replacement.

The everyday t shirt speaks for itself, though it would present a new challenge of buying ribbing. Maybe its the changing season but I have a yearning to make these cosy trousers for home.
I have never been a big fleecey casual clothing wearer but a good zip up hoodie is ideal for cosy evenings and pulling on for going to school pick up.

I am also intrigued by the idea of making this wool knit duffel coat. I just don't know if I could find or afford to buy the fabric for it. I am going to have a good look though on the forthcoming Rag Market meet up.

Finally, I have to say it is a "no, no, no" from me for this just makes me think of a butternut squash in its shape. What do you think? This would look good on a little girl but I am not sure on a grown woman! Nice tights though.

There are also some great vintage style dress patterns in this magazine...I will show them next time.


  1. Love that duffel coat pattern, and really want a duffle coat this winter!! Might have to get hold of a copy of this, there are lots of good basics. Not sure how far you are from Leicester, but there's a stall on Mon, tue and thur where you can get some really good knits for £1/m. You have to rummage and I often end up buying far too much but the guy's had some really nice samples recently that feel just like jigsaw t-shirt fabrics.

  2. Thanks for the comment Clare. I think I am about an hour away from Leicester. The stall sounds very good. I got my Ottobre magazine by subscribing via the website :

  3. That's one scary looking coat! Like you said, nice tights though! Oooooooh! Getting excited about the Rag market now! Yay!

  4. I am totally with you on the butternut squash coat...not good.Other choices very versatile and stylish and very you.I am sure the rag market will come up with the goods.

  5. I've got kids Ottobre love but I've never bought Otto Woman. I like the basics too and that first coat looks very snuggly. My local fabric emporium has recently started selling ribbing. It is mainly in 'school' colours of maroon, navy, bottle green and black, but useful nonetheless.

    Dots N Stripes have a huge selection of ribbing including stripy stuff and also sell Ottobre back issues for those who don't already know the joy of such things!

  6. Oooh, I totally checked out the recent Ottobre last week, too. I really like the "teacher's" dress and that raglan tee also looks very cute... I'm never quite sure if I should invest in a decent knit top pattern or just keep copying my RTW tops. You've inspired me to take the plunge, though. I just ordered their Winter editions from 2008 and 2010...

  7. That looks like a good issue. I'm curious about the short pants.

    Also, just an FYI to let you know that I have passed a Versatile blogger award along to you :)