Tuesday, 8 November 2011

FO: Maternity clothes #4

Apologies for photo quality - the light here has been dim and gloomy for the past few days.

More finished items - I am just not sure about the colour of these trousers. They are bright acid yellowey green.

The fabric was only £1 per metre from the Ragmarket. The colour for me is reminiscent of something a 90's raver would wear. It is hard to find things to wear with this colour so I opted for the safety of black or white. I also am really stumped as to what shoes I wear with these without looking like too much of an old 90's raver who cannot quite give up on their youth. So these are trousers I have mainly been wearing around the house. My version of wearing jogging bottoms at home! I cannot help but loathe jogging bottoms. Seriously, those big baggy ones with cuffs at the ankles as everyday wear? No, no, no! (Sorry if you are a jogging bottom person, no offence, we all are different.)
I used Burda 8376 again and added side pockets using some stash fabric and some dark green velvet ribbon down the outside leg seam. This pattern has been well worth the money spent on it - so far I have made two pairs of trousers, one pair of shorts, one tee shirt, and two pairs of pyjama trousers from it (still got to blog the pyjamas). It provides me with basic useful maternity clothes, rather than anything radically exciting but basic maternity clothes are what I guess I needed to tackle first. The more exciting and interesting clothes are in the pipeline....watch out for a future post. (60s and 70s retro, ScruffyB?....wait and see...) The plus side to these trousers is they are supremely comfortable to wear, they have pockets and are a good weight/warmth for this time of year. The inside of the fabric has a kind of silky feel to it which is lovely. T was so impressed with the feel of this fabric that I am making him a pair of trousers from the left over.
The downside is the weird colour...it is a marmite colour, sometimes I look at it and love it, sometimes I look at it and hate it. Rachel also bought some of this fabric on our shopping trip and I look forward to seeing what she makes of it. And how she deals with the colour.
The tee shirt was an XL man's tee from the charity shop which I resized using the tee shirt pattern from 8376. I was able to use the existing neckband and hems and just cut and resewed the shoulder, and side seams to make it into a maternity tee shirt, adding a bit of the green velvet ribbon. As an XL men's shirt it was miles too big across the shoulders and had too much fabric at the back. I am looking for more XL tees to resize as I would really like one or two long sleeved ones for the winter months, suddenly it is much colder here. Maybe in plain colours to wear with the aceeeeedddd trousers. Ha, I just couldn't resist the aceeeeeeeddddd word, sorry. Maybe I just need to accessorise these trousers with some glo-sticks and a luminous whistle? Hmmm... should go down well on the school run.


  1. I think it looks really good.If you are not sure about the aceeeeed nature of the colour then at least it is only for the short term and will brighten the gloomiest of winter days.If you want 70's retro then my tent dress would definitely work as a maternity outfit!

  2. Sometimes those bright colors seem to be affected by the quality of the light, so if it is a day when the color makes you happy wear them! The little ribbon on the T-shirt is a nice touch.

  3. *lol* I'm all for accessorising them with glowsticks! I really like the addition of the ribbon on the t-shirt. So simple but cute. :)

  4. Nice! Without being completely sure that my monitor shows the color of your new trousers correctly, the color remind me of a top I have that I love to wear together with navy blue, maybe that can be of any help?

  5. I say pair them with a patterned top, something with some purple in it to go with the green. I like the ribbon down the sides of the legs and well done on a good refashion with the top!

  6. Wow!! THE limey fabric! I'm with the others, love your reference to the 90s ( moon monkey anyone, trev and Simon?) there is nothing wrong with having comfy clothes and that's really important when preggers I think. They ate stunning and the ribbon is a nice touch on both the top and trousers giving that sports look to the latter. Only you know if you'll brave the outside world, but I say go for it- as mimi says a purple floral could work really well too. Tshirt refashion is clever too. Can't wait to see minnado's retro maternity look ;-)