Thursday, 13 October 2011

Birmingham Bloggers Meet Up

"What?? " shrieked my friend on the phone "I can't believe you are six months pregnant and went running round the Ragmarket on Saturday".

Yes, instead of spending saturday lying on a couch being fed grapes as befits a woman in my position, I went off to Birmingham and met up with five lovely bloggers. You have probably already seen Scruffybadger's superior account. (If not, go and have a read).

This was my first blogger meet-up and I was a little nervous. ("What if they are, like, really old?" said my sister when I first mentioned a blogger meet- up to her last summer. Hmmm, she is in her forties, not fourteen by the way).

Well they were lovely, and very good company. As for the Ragmarket...I thought it was great and am ashamed to say I have lived 45 minutes away for 8 years and have never been before. We had a good look round the inside and outside stalls, trying not to get too muddled in my case. Then a late lunch. Cafe Soya looks like not very much from the outside but the food was fab, especially for a vegetarian like me, and generous portions. Rachel had the never-ending bowl of soup. I wish had taken a food blogger type photo now.

Then back to shopping:

Lots of prints

So many trims, with so many colours - even the zips were embellished.

And onto my haul, some looky-likey swiss dotted cotton in white, £2 a metre, for a top. Some dark denim with a bit of stretch. I bought this thinking of trousers but I am not so sure now - I think it would make a better skirt. A darkish blue mystery blend that looks like linen but isn't. Probably trousers. A yellowey green, I think this was £1 a metre. It has a silky feeling reverse so won't need any lining. Some stripey cotton jersey knit. I was very happy to find this as knits were high on my shopping list.

You can read Melizza's account of our day over at
pincushion treats

and Sarah's is here at Not Found

Their blogs are both new to me so an added bonus was to discover them and be able to add them to my reading list.

You can see a better picture of the green fabric hanging on the line.

If you live near to Birmingham I would definitely recommend a trip to the Ragmarket (a return trip next year has already been suggested) but a word of caution - check what days the markets are open - I am not certain if all the outdoor stalls we visited on saturday are there every day.


  1. Wow - you are pregnant? I have definitely been out of blog world for too long! Congratulations!!! Plus it sounds like a great way to spend your weekend - can't think of anything better! (Your sister sounds hysterical by the way!)

  2. lol, it's never too early to introduce baby to fabric shopping :)

    That market sounds awesome... I heard about it from Magpie Mimi too!

  3. @Luna - Thank you for the congrats, yes, I am 25 weeks. Bit of a surprise to me too! It wasa great way to spend a saturday and a real treat for me to have a day off mum-stuff. (Much as I do love the family) My sister is a one off. :)
    @Giles - you so right about early fabric-shopping indoctrination. I hope to return with a baby in pram as just think how much fabric I could stash under a pram! BTW it was great to meet Mimi in real life.

  4. :) I'm in love with the stripey knit and the swiss dot cotton! So pretty, congrats on your haul! The excursion sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  5. Looks like you had a blast, and I absolutely adore the stripey fabric. Such great finds!

  6. looks like you all had a brilliant time and the fabric you now have was well worth the trip!

  7. @Alessa and Solvi - so annoying there is the North Sea between us stopping you two from being able to come along too! I am enjoying sewing with the stripey fabric. It is so nice to find a good jersey knit to work with. I wish I had more of it now.
    Urban Rustic - I know it's not too far for you to travel to Birmingham! - I recommend it.

  8. I am glad to see I am not the only person who washes fabric as soon as I get it home :) So useful when it's all ready to go when you start a project.

    Again, it was so lovely meeting you. Happy sewing!

  9. Great photos showing the extent of all that choice!! It really was overwhelming. I'm glad I wasn't looking for prints as I'd have been swamped. It was so great meeting you and you look so great in your baby growing. I too have washed most of my fabric! I am looking forward to see what you make with the green!!! It is so distinctive! And the stripes - I bet it'll be a fave to help you through the next few months. X

  10. Hehe, I have no idea what it's like being pregnant but I still think you did very well! Thanks for organising everything, I had a lovely day and will enjoy seeing what everyone makes when I can drop in to blogland between bouts of university work.