Monday, 24 October 2011

Sewing for others - part 2

Bags, bags, bags...I know I am pregnant due to the recent frantic bouts of nesting activity and organising. If I had an appropriate cupboard or set of drawers I would use it but instead I am making bags to rein in the winter stuff I recently pulled out from under the bed.

See exhibit 1:
A combat bag for T and alphabet bag for Little I from stash fabrics. The straps are from my collection of belts...a really easy and effective way of making bag straps. My genius plan? Each family member is to have their own tote bag with their winter gloves, scarves and hats in. Each family member is therefore able to find said gloves, scarves and hats by themselves without recourse to shouting at me. Of course this plan relies on everyone putting their hats, scarves, gloves back in their own bag... I need to train everyone to do this. I am not going to be placing bets on this working in mid-winter.
Mr Minnado has a combat fabric bag for his winter things and I made one for myself from the left over duvet cover fabric used for a summer skirt.

A wrinkly washbag for T fromstash fabric, lined with the stripey blue and white. I made this for him to take to cub camp. "What's a toiletries bag?" he asked me, reading the equipment list.

Finally a P.E. (sports) bag for Little I to take to school in January (yep, forward planning inaction here). Made from rag market fabric and I used some embroidered trim also fromthe rag market to make the strap.


  1. Wow! You are nesting! And so organised! Really like Little 1's bag with the matryoshka dolls and the funky trim. Good luck on training everyone! x

  2. This made me smile as I am always trying a new technique to organize our winter stuff, but I haven't been so good about the "training" part. Anyway, I do hope the cute bags work out. My youngest cannot find anything of his and drives me crazy asking where everything is. When I shouted, find it yourself" he told me that "it is easier to just ask you." Sigh.

  3. Love the PE bag, so cute! :)
    Thinking back, I think my first PE bag was home-sewn, too... It had an appliqued mouse on it an I loved it to bits...

  4. Fab bags! Sounds like a great system. I love seeing the Russian dolls fabric made up. X

  5. All my P.E bags were home made mostly from old curtains I think.Nice to see that they are still made and used!
    I love the Russian doll fabric would have made a great winter maternity dress!
    Hope you don't mind but have nominated you for an award over on my blog.

  6. Lovely work! I especially like the idea of using old belts for straps, very clever! :-)