Saturday, 15 October 2011

FESA happiness

Happiness, happiness this a pair of maternity winter shorts. I used Burda 8376 again and the fabric was a grey wool mix with a tiny blue stripe left over from my Uniform Project dress. (I am planning to post the dread details of that dress soon, it didn't exactly turn out well, and it feels like a mammoth post to write). As you can see the pattern photo shows a summery sort of pair of shorts worn by the lovely sporty looking blonde amazon. Hmmm.... I changed all that and made some wintery nerdy shorts.

I liked the idea of putting on the large side pockets with flaps which are more meant for a casual combat trouser look but I like to play around with ideas of suitability within fabric types. I thought about addding giant buttons to the flaps but decided to restrain myself.

The pockets and flaps are lined with some blue floral scraps from my stash.

Like the trousers already made from this pattern the shorts have an insert for the bump made from an old tee shirt. This type I followed the pattern instruction and used buttonhole elastic (bought on ebay) in the casing. What genius invented buttonhole elastic?

So I wore them on wednesday with a charity shop top and again on thursday with my me made nautical top. This thursday photo is especially for Ali, after she had asked about favourite jackets in her recent post, I was spurned on to wear one of my favourites, this red 60s style Zara jacket (via charity shop again).

The shorts are super comfortable, use up some stash, tick another item off the FESA list, and they go with lots of different colours, kind of obviously I guess.
I just wanted to add a note to say sorry if you cannot comment here - I am hoping this is a temporary blogger hitch as I cannot see what to change in my settings. I also wanted to thank everyone who left congratulations - for a week or more I couldn't respond to comments on blogger but I am trying to catch up now.


  1. What a super stylish outfit that looks so nice on you and where did that bump suddenly come from?!

  2. Too cute!! What an adorable look. The maternity shorts are a great staple. And as part of the whole outfits are darling.

  3. They look adorable on you. You can't go wrong with grey, it matches with everything.

    My Firefox browser seems to be having issues with leaving comments on on Blogger. In Safari I am able to leave comments with just a wee bit of trying. Silly Blogger.

  4. Love the shorts, and you are probably going to go well with so many different colors. And your coat is perfect! :-)

  5. look at that beautiful growing little bump, awwww XXXXX

  6. CONGRATS on the baby-to-be Debbie!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Nice! They look really good in that fabric, and I love the contrast flowery jersey! :)

  8. You make pinstripe shorts look stylish and hip-mama instead of frumpy-civil-service, which is my fear of the pair I have cut but not sewn! Hmmm. Maybe I need to be brave.
    Yes! Buttonhole elastic is the best! I used to put it on children's clothes too for when they were having growing spurts: huge hem turn-ups and buttonhole elastic - bargain!