Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sew Grateful Giveaway

My Sew Grateful week giveaway consists of  old, new and a few blues.  
The old is Style 1063 A line skirt pattern and an unused Prima magazine shift dress pattern.  
Then there are several sea themes pieces of fabric - this batik turtle print is a fat quarter and 100% cotton.  
NO matter what I do, I cannot rotate this image, so please squint and grimace to see the dress pattern
I teamed it with the blue shell fabric (cotton too I think)  and these machine embroidery threads.  I think they are so pretty and could be used for really effective decoration, or embroidery.Finally the dark blue is 2 metres of heathered fine jersey knit.  
Be warned this is really fine, almost sheer in a single layer, but it does have a fabulous drapey quality.

It is more navy in real life than in the second photo.
If you are interested in winning this bundle, please leave a comment with contact details.  If you are holding your own giveaway this week, please leave details in your comment as it's good to share.  It would be great if you would add a bit about why you are "sew grateful" for the sewing-blgging community. I will leave the giveaway open till midnight Saturday 1st March GMT.  Thanks for looking.


  1. The sew greatful week always leaves me speechless - the sewing community is so generous! Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten about it, and don't have time to organize my own giveaway :( maybe next year. Anyway, I'd love to be entered, and I'd be so happy if I won, I love these colours!
    maryallhandmade (at) gmail.com

  2. That batik turtle print is way too cute! And the blue knit is beautiful. I love knits! Great giveaway! And Happy Sew Grateful Week!

  3. Ohh these are lovely. I'm incredibly grateful to the online sewing community for all the inspiration they provide. Backed up with useful advice! I'm an entirely self-taught sewist

  4. Oooh, I love that dusty blue heathered knit, so pretty! I am just loving Sew Grateful Week. It's so fun to see what others are giving away and find new blogs! My Giveaway is also up on the blog feel free to enter! http://gjeometry.com/2014/02/24/sew-grateful-giveaway-how-about-some-red-and-some-threads/

  5. I love the batik. It is always wonderful to see generosity. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Love those turtles! This is so much fun!
    :-) Chris

    Check out my Giveaway, too -
    Vogue 8546 - Five Easy Pieces (8-10-12-14)

  7. This is a lovely and unusual giveaway, thank you.
    I'm grateful to the sewing community because it has taught me as much if not more than the sewing classes I paid a small fortune to attend (and often found a pain in the neck to get to in the traffic or on late trains.). I hope to carry on learning though I admit I'm struggling at the moment to find the right challenges and the inspiration. Maybe some turtle print clothes would help!

  8. Of course I want to enter your giveaway. I already know what I would make out of all the fabrics (lol) and I am joining in! Take a look at my pattern giveaway here http://gloriaandme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/sew-grateful-week-2014-sewing-pattern.html .I posted it this morning (Tuesday) although I wrote it yesterday, due to too much to do and added a link on My Happy Sewing Place website too. My sewing would be a lonely experience without the support and comments of all my internet sewing friends. I will post more reflections on my blog!

  9. I'd love to give that blue knit a try. And I have a bundle of sea-themed batik fat quarters where those turtles will feel right at home! Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Those are beautiful gifts -I'm surprised you can give them away. The colours are awesome. Thank you.
    I'm grateful for all the tips and humour the on-line community provide. I don't know that many people who sew clothing in my city -mostly quilting happens here it seems.
    My giveaway should be published shortly - blogger is giving me some grief at the moment. I'll be posting the link on Debi's page soon!

  11. Some lovely stuff in your giveaway. I'm grateful for the inspiration I get from other bloggers. My email is linked through my profile.

  12. Lovely giveaway. I learnt to sew from Prima patterns and size 14 fits me perfectly. I am grateful for the information that the sewing community is always sharing, I have come a long way as a sewist.


  13. Great giveaway. I don't have my own blog, but love seeing the creativity present in the online sewing community that inspires my own makes! Please count me in!

  14. I am sew grateful to the sewing community for their inspiration.

  15. Great giveaway. I think Prima patterns got me back into sewing when I lived in the UK. Now in New Zealand I have a fab sewing blogging network who I get to meet regularly.