Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sew Grateful Reflections

I was taught sewing at school and it was disastrous.  I made half an A line skirt, green with tiny daisies on it, it remained, a screwed up scrumpled halfmade scrap.

I think I was really taught sewing by my mum.  She used to sew clothes and then in the eighties discovered quilting. She taught me to create a pattern block using "Metric Pattern Cutting" when I was about sixteen.  I loved the freedom of choice sewing gave me.  She bought me a secondhand Elna in my twenties and gave it to me with a box of sewing threads in a range of colours.

Now my mum has Alzheimer's and I can no longer phone her for sewing advice ("Help mum, my needle's jammed".  She'd tell me off for not keeping my machine cleaned and oiled - oops).  Instead I turn to the online sewing community.     And that's what I am Sew Grateful for...that help and support.  I really value those repeat commentators on this blog and feel I have made friends across ages and geographical borders.

Also in my everyday life, who can I turn to to mention french seams, ballpoint needles or the latest Colette pattern?  If I say my new dress is a Victory Lola, I get blank glassy eyed stares, not a nod of recognition.  I think we all like to find like-minded people and through sewing blogging I have.  So thanks people... here's to another year of bad photography and hopefully good sewing.



  1. What a beautiful post! It's so cool that you share this skill and hobby with your mother, even if things have changed over time. I'm so grateful to have "met" you through your blog. :)

  2. That was really touching to read. I'm really sorry you can no longer share your hobby with your mum...but really glad you get to share it with us, especially me!

  3. That was a lovely read, Debbie. I'm so glad I've met you via this wonderful community too, and whilst it's sad that it's no longer your mum offering sewing advice, just think of the people you've touched too with your blog ! I love your self effacing charm, your style and colour sense and yes, your photos!!!

  4. What a simple but beautiful post. My dad is in his sixties and been diagnosed with Alzheimer's but I felt uplifted by your thoughts x