Friday, 29 August 2014

Adoration of prym pliers

Not much sewing happening here with school holidays but last week I added buttons to my denim jacket.  I was expecting an hour of huffing and puffing, cursing with a hammer and hammering my fingers, but then in a lightning flash I remembered I had some prym pliers.  

Bought about three years ago on eeeeeebay, they held the adaptors and the buttons
Then they pushed the buttons in.

They made the job so quick and painless.
Sometimes the right tool really does help get the job done.   Though I confess to breaking my twin needles about three weeks ago on all the topstitching.  I still have to buy a new one to restart.  At first the topstitching was fun, now it is dragging on, it's not quite so fun.  There is just so much topstitching!


  1. Sweet! These look great! The buttons and topstitching are really giving this a fancy look!

    1. Thank you - I feel as if I will never get to finish this jacket at the moment. I need peace and quiet to keep the topstitching straight and that just never happens! :) x

  2. Wow!! Getting closer, you must be feeling you're on the home stretch now. It'll be a perfect autumn jacket!! Those pliers look ace.- I've put on single jeans buttons with a hammer, but I think when you've got more than one to attach neatly those pliers must be a life saver!!

  3. These look very handy. To be honest I didn't know there was such a thing, although I have replaced jeans buttons with a hammer before. My, was it difficult! I think your finished jacket will be very impressive, with all the topstitching x

  4. I have some of those pliers bought when my daughter was younger and I was attaching lots of poppers to everything, and they do make such a difference! Every time a button goes on my husband's work trousers I replace with with a jeans button - so much easier!! I love the top stitching, it's looking really good now. Nearly there!!