Monday, 10 May 2010

Me made catch up

7th May - I said at the beginnning of this challenge I would wear two MM items on fridays - just to up the ante for me personally, so here it is da-dahhh, me made red t shirt and tea cup skirt. Love the skirt and the t shirt was really comfortable.

8th May - not so successful - I wore my duvet cover top and while no-one did scream "OHMIGOD she is wearing a duvet cover" the whole big white tunic was not comforatble as I kept thinking I was wearign a nursing smock - I really did. I also sewed the sleeves too tight so I plan to take them out, re make some new ones and dye the whole ensemble a darker colour. The circles are embroidered on so they should still show through to some extent. I also felt kind of huge in it, and as if I looked possibly pregnant, lookign pregnant when you are not is not a good look.

9th May outfit and T had to get in on the act. I love this picture - me trying to be a serious poser and him larking about. I have to accept I am never going to be a serious poser! Anyway outfit was Amy Butler tunic and Gap charity shop jeans. I tried the tunic with the matching
belt but think it just made me look lumpy...hmmm...sack of potatoes springs to mind. Am off now to clean my sewing machine as I have had some trouble s with the poor old thing.

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  1. Gosh what a fab skirt,I'm going to get my daughter to teach me to sew:)I love the clothes you make.I know what you mean about the pregnant look or even sack of potatoes I bought the £8 Asda dress advertised and I feel pregnant in it may get my daughter to take it in a bit maybe:)x