Tuesday, 24 August 2010

give the kid a camera

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At the start of the holidays I gave T his own camera. I saved for this by selling some stuff on ebay and then buying what is called a "refurbished camera" from an ebay outlet store (basically one that is returned but there's nothing functionally wrong with it, though the case may be scratched). I recommend this if you don't want to spend a lot, plus we still have a 12 month warranty. He has been busy taking a lot of photos since receiving the camera.
Then I tried to show him how to make a stop animation ... this was one of his first attempts. We animated it at Gickr.com Make your own animation
One thing I didn't realise was that he would become a seven year old paparazzi - I am often woken at 6am with a camera inches from my face - these photos I hope will never see the light of day. (But he has learnt how to lock them them on the camera so I cannot delete unflattering pics!)


  1. Your post made me laugh, I wouldn't want any photos of me taken at 6am seeing the light of day either :) Hope you have a great week x

  2. Haha how funny,what a great idea what was the site called?My 7 yr old borrowed mine whilst walking back from the park,the amount of half houses and lamp posts he'd taken was hilarious!Don't think I'll tell mine about the 6 am photo shoot!!!He was given a childs superman camera that Aldi were selling but the view finder was so small!!beckyxx

  3. Thanks for comments. Becky, the site was gickr.com Sometimes the site didn't work and then other times it did! I warn you though, this making photos move lark is a bit addictive, I am trying hard to restrain myself from posting more. X

  4. Hi oops sorry I meant to say or ask what was the e-bay site called for the reconditioned camera?I did see a cannon for 99p & £5.00 p&p!He would love his own proper camera,and maybe his little sister can have the spiderman one:)Hey I'll check out the gickr,thanks,beckyxx

  5. HI Becky
    It was on the Tesco ebay outlet. If you search for digital camera you will come up with some that are listed by Tesco Outlet. The prices vary quite a bit so I kept on looking for a couple of weeks before jumping in to buy one. I gave my little on eher brothers old kiddie camera - she is not fooled by this and wants to use his "proper" one all the time! A canon for 99p sounds good though - I like Canon cameras.