Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wearable Art, Sugar and Spice....

It was raining and in a bid to get them away from tv, I got out the fabric paints and I gave T and Little I each a piece of calico. They did a bit of driving cars through the paint, then got busy with brushes.
Then in the evening I sewed Little I's fabric piece into a skirt for her. She is not a girly girl and this skirt suits her personality. She was very proud of the skirt she had made and wore it all day. (I am not sure though if I have just lost the plot and gone too far???)
But on the whole I tend to think that these are the kind of sartorial decisions a three year old can get away with though. (Believe me if she didn't want to wear it, she wouldn't!)


  1. Ah it looks great on her bet she was so chuffed!!I know what you mean my Angel 5 nearly same age just isn't a dress/skirt type although she does choose to wear a fairy layered skirt quite often! Think I will get out the fabric pens I have and reuse the white p.e t- shirts that have gone too small for my 7 yr old!It is hard to prise them away from peppa pig,something special and chowder!beckyxx

  2. Becky, she was very chuffed. Re using old PE shirts is a good idea. Unfortunately my son's PE shirts are royal blue! I know what you mean about prising away from TV especially when its rubbish weather.

  3. I love the skirt. . . nice change from the usual girly ruffled stuff.

  4. Thanks Sigrid - she isn't really a ruffled girly girl.