Monday, 9 August 2010

Vintage pattern finds

I have been away to visit family in Devon for a week and went to Topsham. I highly recommend the open air pool! But look what I found in the charity shop there. For 40p each! First up...
Simplicity 4231 I love this dress with button front - I have been thinking of something along these lines using the dirndl pattern as a basis from the Built by Wendy Dresses. I don't have enough fabric to make this version but hope to take some elements from this and use in my own dress,. For example the sleeve shape and the collar and if possible the self fabric belt .

There are so many different piece in the Simplicity 6636 - can you imagine this as a Self Stitched September wardrobe?

The Vogue 9984 pattern includes the tank top/pullover. I liked the trousers - they look so elegant in the picture but I wondered if I would just look like I was wearing my Grandma's trousers if I tried to pull this look off.

Next, Simplicity 9466 - I am thinking this dress has a similar end effect to the sheath dress pattern I have already made. In fact I am not sure if I am keeping all of these - I have started to check the envelope contents and I think I am going to copy out the elements of these that I like and then I will probably ebay the patterns if all the pieces are in the envelopes. (I won't be selling them for a great profit).
I will post details if I do. Now I have to go and do a week's washing.


  1. Love the patterns you found. I did get that grey material from the rag market, i have got some similiar in a light beige so i'm going to save that for a dress (i'm not so keen on the colour though it makes me look very pale)
    Hopefully if Fee is ok i'm having another trip to Birmingham on Saturday to try and find a thicker type of knit. Hope you have a great week!

  2. What great finds! I love them all, love this era :)