Friday, 20 August 2010

I wanted to use up some of my fabric scraps. I pulled out the remnants of my stripey cotton jersey fabric that I made my nautical top from and I found I was just able to squeeze this sleeveless top from the fabric. It wasn't quite long enough so I made a band with the stripes going vertically and put that round the bottom. I used the t shirt pattern from Sew U Home Stretch as a basis and cut the front neck slightly more scooped. I really like this top as I can wear it underneath so many things - I have found the weather is a bit too warm for the long sleeved stripey t shirt at the moment. Then Barbie got a new dress from the scraps.

Tres chic Barbie.

Then, later the same day we found a bag of doll clothes in the charity shop, for what I call "baby dolls". We have two of these dolls and they sadly share one grubby outfit between them. Until now.... the bag proved to be full of jackets and trousers so I got the stripey scraps out of the bin and made one more stripey t shirt. So here is (the very originally named) Baby Doll in his new shirt and trousers. He looks a bit camp, reminding me of Jean Paul Gaultier ads. I am a new convert to making doll's clothes - it is so quick and gives a high satistfaction:effort ratio.

So there really is nothing left of the stripey fabric now (stash busted).


  1. Great use of your left over stripey fabric. I love your sleeveless top x

  2. Tee hee, I love that sleeveless top. I keep wahsingit over night so I can wear it again. Why didn't I think of making such a top before??

  3. What a great idea,Barbie certainly looks the part and baby doll well yes jean paul Gaultier ads to spring to mind ha ha!!Love your top xx