Sunday, 5 September 2010

Some useful Sewing

Okay, so this may look like a fairly scrappily painted cushion, but there is a background story here.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful William Morris

I have had this quote flitting around my mind for years. It is an apt quote for me in that it kind of sums up my attitude to consuming and buying stuff these days, I would expand on it to add "or that make you happy"And my recent bout of sewing domestic objects shows this.
I was trying to clear some space before new projects start - It has been a lovely summer but when school begins next week we are entering a new phase and September always feels to me like a time for new projects, planning and creating. But befor estarting any new projects, I really wanted to complete some small projects that have been hanging around - I wanted to declutter my sewing stash and get them done.
So number 1 - the cushion,- I used T's fabric painting from last week and some green ikea fabric and sewed it into a cushion - (the inner had been in my understairs cupboard for only one year). I am always happy to find a way to display some of my children's artworks as I like them, and on a more serious note I like to see how they are proud of their own work. On a decluttering note I no longer have the fabric painting just hanging on my chair.

Number 2 - I made a toy bin from some fabric I was given three years ago by a friend. I hadn't found a use for it so last christmas I used as lining for some bags I made and now I used the rest up for this bin and lining. The handles are an old belt - a friend has been giving me her daughter's old belts for use. I lined the bin with cardboard to make it rigid. It is a bit baggy because I didn't actually measure the fabric. If I make another one I think I will take time to work out the circumference of a circle (what is that - Pi x R??) This falls into the Useful category, I like toys in bin at end of day and less toys on floor. I am even trying to train my children to do this - Little I is brilliant at tidying up at playgroup but oddly enough not at home.

Number 3 - Peg Bags -definitely in the useful category.

My friend gave me a remant of oil cloth left over from her new tablecloth fabric and asked me to make her a peg bag, she said there was enough fabric for me to make myself one too I had to google this as I didn't really know about peg bags. I know- shock horror - how did I get to this stage in life and not have a peg bag?? I found a pattern over at Sigrid's blog and used that as a model. I hadn't sewn oilcloth before and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. No fraying so I left the edges raw. I have to admit - it is better than the old plastic carrier bag we were using and much better than the biscuit tin we used till it got left out in the rain. I am getting to be an organised laundress.
BTW, I am taking part in Self Stitched September - so far I have been just posting over in the Flickr group but was thinking of doing a roundup here maybe once a week.

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  1. I love the cushion you made from T's fabric painting its lovely. Hope you are having a great weekend x