Monday, 6 September 2010

Self stitched September First Five Days

Here is my round up of the first five days of Self Stitched September created by the illustrious Zoe. There is lots of inspiration to be seen over at the SSS Flickr group.

Day One - top from Simplicity /Built by Wendy 3835. Sorry for strange expression it was the end of a very long, hot (but very good) day out in the woods with children and friends. I am thinking of taking the hem up on this top. Just visible filthy jeans from ebay (weren't filthy when I got them)

Day Two - Stripey vest top based on Sew U Home Stretch pattern and tate denim skirt from Sew Hip magazine Summer 09. Old Monsoon sale cardie from 4 years ago.

Day Three - Simplicity 3964 dress and a vacant expression again. Cardigan a birthday present from my sister.
Day Four - T shirt from Sew U Home stretch basic t pattern and A line skirt - fabric liberated from my mum's Uber-stash.

Day Five - Simplicity 3835 from charity shop fabric. Charity shop/Gap jeans. My favourite wedge sandals (8 years old and broken but I still wear them)
And I am very pleased with myself cos I took up the carpet (at least 30 years old) and disintegrating underlay in this room the day before. It is still showing decades of dust but is so, so much better than before. I now have a sore back from furniture moving. That over flowing cupboard is the kids' art and making cupboard, it is a lovely solid wood cupboard that was due to be put in a skip at the school where my other half works. How daft is that?
Oh and photo credit to T age 7. The best photo of the week I think.

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  1. Hi Debbie,
    I'm glad that you are doing a weekly round up on your blog. I love your choice of colours & patterns in these outfits & that they all look so comfortable. Especially love your blue & white stripe top outfit (I think it's the colour combo!) You are clearly a great Sew U Home Stretch sewer, something I aspire to!