Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Nearly there

Only two days left of self stitched September... can I manage to wear this dress before October? I am thinking it may have to be with tights now. I was so careful sewing it and while sewing it I was really looking forward to wearing but I just never reach for it in the mornings!
Ali has posted some interesting observations about photographing her outfits for SSS. I have to say I struggled with photographing more in May but I have realised a few things:
1. There is no clutter free AND well lit space in my house.
2. My house more and more resembles a pre school.
3. I tend to look for the negative aspects in any photo of myself.
4. My leggings are too wrinkly (I am channelling Nora Batty tights here)
5. My default photo pose is hands in pockets, closed mouth smile
6. I am crap at fitting all of me - shoes etc - in one photo (amply illustrated by the pic below for 26th September)
7. I am too rushed/lazy/disorganised to put on make up for the photos other than my daily mascara
8. I read somewhere that a photo is more flattering if taken looking downward at you rather than up, I think this is true! There is less double chinnification this way (try it out for yourself)

So here are some more photos,
I was trying to show my boots on the 26th photo, hence the rather strained pose on a chair. (and I didn't quite manage to fit the boots in) On the 27th I wore a me made t-shirt but didn't photo it as Little I and me were full of cold and I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, while drinking honey and lemon.
And a new location for 28th September - my son's bedroom - I just pushed the assorted junk to one side in an attempt to have a clutter free picture. I look more tired than usual I think as Little I was up since 5am today. She was also up at 2am, 2.30, 3.00, and 4am looking for her "best friend" (her brother).


  1. Hope you get to wear your dress! Love your boots with that outfit x

  2. you've got to wear that dress! i'm thinking with a mustard cardy and mustard tights - would look ace. I've been following your blog for a good few months now (but only just registered to 'follow' it) - i'm friends with your friend Sarah in Norwich and she put me onto you! - love seeing what you have been making and doing each week - Caroline XXX

  3. Thanks for lovely comments - Alex, I love those boots, they were an ebay bargain, they are so comfy and I still like them 2 years after buying.
    Caroline, Hello, nice to meet you - Sarah is one of my favourite people - so any friend of hers must be great too! I have been looking for mustard tights but haven't found any...I am thinking maybe ebay?

  4. Oo oo oo - I adore your clothkits skirt - really cute! Clever thinking of wearing a dress as a top too ... I'm looking forward to at least a pose with the dress on - go on, give it a go! (And I like your SSS photo thoughts - I also tried the look down following your lead, but HUGE chinnification!!!

  5. I love these outfits (though you know I love anything Built by Wendy) and I remember that skirt from Me-Made-May, it's so unique and gorgeous.

    Photos are funny things, no? I think sometimes I'm (we?) too hard on myself because there's so many blogs with such professional-level photography. Though most of the time I think that sewing for ourselves is about the reality of our lives, and our photos should reflect that. At least that's my excuse ;) I also have no place to photograph at home, and I'm too shy for outdoor photoshoots.

    Anyway, I also wanted to say how much I loved your interview with Hayley. :)

  6. Mustard tights? £8 for lovely warm ribby ones at Gap - they have a UK website now! (Gap dot eu)
    And I have to say I like the honesty of your backgrounds. I always seem to end up outside because there isn't enough space indoors.

  7. I never anticipated that the photo-documentation of projects would be so hard, but I really like your photos and enjoy getting a peek at the environs. By the way, I nominated you for this award

  8. Thank you for the comments - Scruffybadger, I like the clothkits skirt too- even better it was a second so much cheaper than usual!
    Ali, I agree about the professional looking photos on some blogs which can make you feel inadequate. And I like your reasonniig ablut showing the reality of our lives as home-sewers.
    Roobeedoo, I will check out Gap tights, my local branch closed a couple of years ago so I don't get to look there anymore. Sigrid, thank you for the blogger award I am going to respond, just been overwhelmed with cold here.