Saturday, 25 September 2010

Self Stiched September Catch Up and Momentary Fame

Uh-oh, I have got a bit behind on the Self-Stiched updates. Blame it on a very bad week for sleep, a cold, and having spent most of my
spare time last week sewing my trousers(blogged in previous post) I realised (as if waking from a dream) that every part of the house was a mess, the car tax was due, clean washing was piled up waiting to be ironed or just put away, the cupboard and fridge were bare....there was a bag of plums in my car waiting to be turned into jam... do you get the picture? So I had to spend most of this week doing these domestic chores.

As I have been having problems aligning my text with the right photos when I do these updates I have tried something different - do you like the text on photo? Does it fool you into thinking I am a computer whizz? (Probably no real computer whizz would use that expression)

And the missing picture? Sunday 19th - I wore a repeat of 3835 brown and orange top but didn't photo it.
And the momentary fame? I was interviewed by the amazing and talented Hayley over at thinkermaker...


  1. What a great week - I can't pick a favorite - perhaps Anna tunic but I do also have a weakness for Simp. 2599, & then there's stripes! Are you enjoying your new trousers?
    I really enjoyed your interview on thinker maker by the way.

  2. Great interview and wonderful outfits, i love your simplicity 3835 top. I think the text looks great on the photos! Hope you have a lovely week x

  3. Thank you for the kind comments,I am glald you both liked the interview. It was fun to do. I had to wash my new trousers as I sat on some blueberries my daughter kindly left on the sofa for me, then I noticed the rear pocket wasn't so great and had in fact a hole already - the binding hasn't worked s ot hey are awaiting a new pocket.

  4. Yay! You were an awesome first guest.

    I am still super impressed with your trousers.