Saturday, 18 September 2010

Planning and Inspiration

I have a new game - play along with me. I have been looking at websites or catalogues which unaccountably still come through my door even though it has been two years since I bought from a mail order catalogue ( how many times have my postal details been sold?) I realised I keep doing this thing in my mind of looking at clothes in the catalogues/websites and thinking of which patterns that I already own I can use to make these clothes from.
(I am sticking to my not buying new clothes principles here.)

I love this dress with its mix of monochrome and stripes from Orla Kiely. I also love the big pockets and over sized buttons. It is made in jersey but I wonder if a similar could be made in wovens using Simplicity 3835 with an adapted neck. It just so happens I have some stripey black and grey fabric plus some plain grey and some plain black in my stash.... There are lots more lovely dresses on the Orla Kiey website - it's not just that leaf design - do you know the one I mean? Image source (Orla Kiely Autumn/winter 2010)

Then a mini Toast pocket book came through my door. I like looking at Toast clothes and ten years ago I did buy two toast t shirts in a sale, but that was in pre-children, fully employed days, so somehow I had found my way onto the mailing list as a potential customer. Look at this tunic top - Simplicity 3835 again.... (Image from
Do you see how this game works?


  1. I love playing this game too :) Have a great weekend xx

  2. Yup, definitely one of my favorite games. Works with people-watching, too. :-)

  3. Yes Aldara you are right people watching is a great source for this game.

  4. Great game! Isn't it wonderful to look at something you like and think, "I could probably make that." :)

    Very excited to see your drindl dress, btw. It looks great (and I like the change to in-seam pockets) -- I never thought that shape would flatter me, but I think it might be the most flattering on my body. I can't wait to delve in.