Friday, 17 September 2010

September 11 to 16th

September 11th - Me Made top from Simplicity 2295 and 50p fabric.
On saturday my photography assistant (aka T aged Seven) was not very keen and we only got this hideous smirky photo. We had been to a strange "inter village sporting event" in a field, we watched with bated breath as a man did BMX stunts with wooden pallets, we played hook-a-duck and bought a spider plant from the W.I. We saw lots of people wearing green clothing and wellies. Ah, country life....

September 12th - Me made pink and white stripey t shirt and monsoon cardie refashioned into a waistcoat. Very old, comfy Mexx trousers. The t shirt was a quick sew project to slot in between my ongoing slow sewing. I found the cotton jersey in the shop at the end of my road for £1.50 per metre. Once again I used the basic t shirt pattern from Home Stretch but gave it a scoop neck and three quarter length sleeves. Result- a useful and comfy basic t shirt.

September 13th - Me - made stripey tank/vest top and Tate denim skirt, favourite ebay boots.

September 15th - Pink and white stripey t shirt again and Me made Clothkits skirt with traffic jam print.

September 16th - Me made duvet top, charity shop jeans, sorry for poor picture quality. The eagle eyed among you will notice an omission - 14th September...sorry I didn't manage to get a picture though I was in Me Made clothing honestly.

I was at the beginning of the week in a bit of a slump and feeling a tad downheartened with my crappy photos, geeky face, and lack of good photo backgrounds. But I have picked up a bit now and stopped feeling sorry for myself. My house is a tip because I am concentrating on making this space.


  1. Hi Debbie,
    I was going to say hello to you, even before you commented at my place! This is the first thing I am doing as I get home, as I saw your post during a break at work. I love your outfits, the colours & fabrics that you choose. There's something very individual (in a good way) in what you wear that suits you. I hope you have stopped your downer about your pictures because it's a positive thing to be quirky in my book & you look gorgeous & interesting! I am stretching the boundaries of quirkiness in my work outfits, as office clothes can be SO dull! When I'm not at work it's easier to be lazy & flob out in jeans & t-shirts. I am inspired by how you dress. And yes, all this picture taking is a challenge - I am not a natural poseur, & each morning line my camera on self timer on the same desk with the same background. Well done for your variety - you are not only moving around the rooms in your house, but also getting some outside action!

  2. Love your knit tops! Good luck with your trousers, hope they are going well xx