Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Drum roll please

I finished my trousers and am very pleased with them. I am especially pleased because I have been thinking about making a pair of trousers for a while but wasn't sure if I was capable. I know I can make drawstring baggies as I used to make lots when I was a teenager but I wanted to try and make a "proper" pair of trousers which fit, and which won't split on the seams! Part of my fascination and enjoyment with sewing is the gradual building of my skills and challenging myself to do more difficult projects.

I used the Sew U trouser pattern but copied the shape from the knee to the hem from an old favourite pair of White Stuff trousers. They have a fly zip which works ( I didn't think I would manage it) I lined the waistband with some scrap fabric that I used to make my Simplicity Ruffle top last year.

The fabric was a sort of greenish grey which I bought from the haberdashery shop at the end of my road. You can see it on the washing line in the top photo. I paid £4.50 for it and have used about half of it for these trousers. I wanted something cheap so it wouldn't matter if it all went wrong. Little i had great fun running under it. I am not sure what this fabric is - a kind of cotton blend maybe? It is nice and soft to wear.

There are lots of different pocket shapes to choose from in the Sew U book and for me these details are half the fun of making things like this. I bound the pockets with some brown cotton tape. Now I am off to go skipping round in my new trousers... did I tell you I made them myself? I may have to go and phone my mum to tell her.


  1. I love your trousers, they look fantastic...the fit looks great. Good luck with your fruit picking xx

  2. Nothing like making a well-fitting zippered-fly pair of pants to feel like you can take on anything.

  3. Debbie they are great & worth the effort you have put in - very professional.
    I like your tip on taking a pair of favorite trousers as a guide for the shape ... something I need to do in future!

  4. Great job! I'm a slash-pocket fan, but the detail on your pockets are making me reconsider my stubborn ways. What a fun detail! :)

  5. Super work! You're inspiring me to trousers! Thanks!

  6. Lovely job,they look fab you are so clever,I keep hinting at my daughter to take a look at the things you have made as her sewing machine is sitting there un touched! beckyx