Friday, 26 November 2010

Cardigan inspired

I was inspired by Ali today. She posted about refashioning a

thrift store cardigan to make her own Anthropologie style cardigan. Her cardigan is so sweet and chic. I know mine looks nothing like hers but her actions made me get out this old black cardigan that I never wear and some of my lace collection. Here is the result. It is so much prettier than the old black boringness and I think I will wear it a lot this winter. Thanks Ali.


  1. Very classy and striking! I love how the trim spices it up so much. Great refashion!

  2. I love it - what a wonderful way to use your lace - it's very very pretty! You could inspire a load of other people now- certainly have me! I haven't seen Ali's yet (bit behind on my blog reader due to lack of internetage)

  3. That is really effective. What a great idea and nice choice of lace too!

  4. Ahhh! I love it!! Classic, chic and that great contrast which I long for. AND you've got to use your wonderful lace collection. :)

    Now, you've inspired me in turn! :) I'll have to pick up some lace when I'm next at the fabric store. I've also been thinking of doing a lace refashion something like this: