Sunday, 21 November 2010

Map bowls

More paper bowls. This time made with a traditional papier mache method of torn scraps and pva glue layered up over the outside of a small plastic bowl (coated in vaseline). I made one by layering the paper inside the bowl but it didn't hold its shape. We used old ordnance survey maps, I was given a bag full of these on freecycle about a year ago. Maps are great for decoupage projects if you want to use the posh term. Inside the bowl are some recycled wax crayons -made on a rainy afternoon last summer. We put pieces of broken wax crayon in to a muffin tray and melted them in the oven. This way I avoided pans of hot wax and small children, not a good mix. We had fun selecting which colours to put together. But Holly over at Chez beeper Bebe has taken the recycled wax crayons to a new level in this post. Once I have refined my wax crayon recycling I am thinking they will be good party bag presents.