Thursday, 16 December 2010

Cabin Fever

First T was ill with a high temperature, cough, cold bug, now Little has succumbed and this has been a slightly surreal week. I have hardly been out the house as T had two days off school and Little I has had time off preschool. On tuesday morning they both went back to bed and slept for three hours, this never happens. So, the remaining Christmas shopping has not been done, the tv and radio keep saying we are due for more snow, so maybe I can just give up on Christmas shopping. Having been up most of the night with a sobbing three year old who kept waking to shout "My nose is running!" I feel slightly detached from reality.
I have been knitting the above pictured cowl scarf for my brother and feel a bit cabin fever-ish.
After my wittering on about making a dress in the last but one post, I had a total mind-change and cut out a skirt instead. I am thinking versatility and maximising wardrobe potential as well as hiding my figure flaws. I do still want to sew more dresses but am realising I need to beware of dresses that look like they are for a small child.
I am optimistically hoping I can get my sewing machine to work long enough to make the skirt.


  1. Good luck with the machine, and I hope those kids well soon.

  2. Oh poor little things (and you too)- no fun with a household of sick kiddies. I hope you all feel better soon and get some xmas shopping done.PS the cowl knit scarf is cool!

  3. I agree that certain dresses that look like they are for a small child are often tempting ... and then, unfortunately, reality sets in. But I like the look of your skirt plan - those dots! The cowl looks pretty scrumptuous too.

  4. Hope you are back in normality again & that your children are better now (& that you have not caught it from them!) The cowl looks lovely - perfect for this chilly weather. I too know what you mean about cute dress patterns - it's sometimes so irritating being older & shocking to be sensible!!!