Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dress plans and dreams

Self stiched dirndl dress from Built by Wendy Dresses Book

Source: Orla Kieley

Below dresses both source: Modcloth

Don't's a sewing post! Even though my machine is kaputt, I can still dream and plan.
I have a large piece of grey fabric left over from making my trousers in September. I am dreaming of making a dress from it and keep getting sidetracked from Christmas knitting by looking at dress ideas. I was thinking of using a Built by Wendy dress book pattern, maybe the dirndl (as pictured in top photo) with a matching belt or maybe the shift...oh the indecision....I love the trims and finishes on these Modcloth dresses,and the Orla Kieley one though I am not sure I can carry off the military dress. Mind you, a military dress for the school run? Why not? Maybe it would run more efficiently if I were dressed in a military style?


  1. It definitely would! I think the second Orla Kieley one would be very versatile.

  2. I like your thinking! Quick march!
    Back to dresses - aren't they all gorgeous? The tartan Modcloth one has gorgeous lines that really soften the tartan. It's the Orla Kierly one that I like best - it's the kind of thing that would look good as a pinafore (that's it - you could be the prefect or Head Girl getting the children to school??!!)
    Thank you by the way for the Snoopy comments - I am so glad I asked - you have given me ideas that I would never have come up with (especially bunting !).I am enjoying imagining the possibilities still ....

  3. Thanks for comments, I may have to accept I am not the right body shape for a military dress.Maybe a toned down version with a small military touch would be better. I too like the Orla Keiely as it is grown up without being too girly but just a little bit girly.

  4. All of those inspiration pics are great, but you might need to be careful you don't end up making a grey school pinafore if you are planning to wear it around the playground!