Friday, 15 April 2011

Dee groovey

I had a huge list last week, one item on it was my brother's birthday cushions. Fabric is genuine 1970s (?) from the bags of fabric I was given in Devon. These were fabrics from a quilting friend of my mum's who sadly passed away last year. Her son had brought about 5 bin bags of fabric to my mum's house.

There is a great collection of fabrics spanning 1960s to the noughties. And moving from dressmaking to patchworking. There are a couple of tiny cocktail dresses (she was very petite) and some cut up paisley 1970s blouses, either they are half finished or she was cutting up her old clothes for patchwork scraps.

In a way I can see her life through her sewing which is both moving and sad. As I have been making things from her fabric I have been thinking about her and her sewing.

But my mum reassures me she would have been pleased to see her fabrics being used.


  1. Oh Wow! That fabric has made great cushions. I hope your brother loves them.

  2. I'd describe them as "feature cushions" - they are really striking (in a good way). Good skills, getting a handsewn pressie in for a male relative!