Monday, 4 April 2011

Memade March

Round up of Me made March:
I enjoyed most of March though it was blighted by having a cold, and an eye infection. I missed about three days of photos but did manage to wear something Me Made each day. Taking a daily photo made me more aware of my moods and energy levels

  • I put pockets into my sack dress

  • fixed the wonky hem on the red button skirt pictured top.

  • I took apart and resewed my duvet top giving it bigger sleeves.

  • I am really glad that I had the impetus to do these little adjustments which made the clothes much more wearable.

  • I am coming to not mind (not quite at liking yet) my own image in photos although I did crop off my head some days as I just couldn't share the bad hair, no make up, under eye bags.

  • There were a few of my clothes I didn't bring out for March as they are too summery

  • I tried a bit harder with different tights and boots which was fun

  • I couldn't keep up with Flickr this time

  • I could really do with a pair of shoes to wear with skirts, hmmmm, thinking about this one

  • I do have a good collection of Me Made clothes but am lacking trousers
31st March - Me Made Simplicity 2245 top, Me Made Tate Denim skirt


  1. I have really enjoyed seeing your mmm outfits...i need to get some shoes to go with skirts too, i only have boots which won't be much good in summer :) Have a great week xx

  2. Yes, me too - I have loved your outfits - you have a definite look that I love - all the more interesting because I know how you refashion & use many thrifted sources. Your pics have been lovely - I know it's one of the hardest parts of MMM, but you are beginning to look more comfortable!

  3. I've loved all your colorful and put-together outfits this MMM! And inspiring to know how good you are about thrifting and refashioning ...