Friday, 1 April 2011

Kids ATC Swap

We are signed up to participate in the kid's Art Trading Card Swap organised by Ellie and Abbie at Bright Eyes + Blue Eyes. The closing date for registration is 4th April. For those who may not be familiar ATCs are usually about 3.5 by 2 inches and are cards with images on by an artist. In this case they are to made by the children (ages 4 upwards). The kids are to be put into age groups so for instance my eight year old will swap with other eight year olds. (You have to be prepared to pay postage for your cards) Are you in?


  1. I never heard of that before. How fantastic for the kids. They must be so excited!

  2. Oh goodness, thank you again for your tips on great kids' projects. I've just signed the little cabbages up for this - art + mail, they'll LOVE it.

  3. sounds like such a good idea...might just have to join in the fun! have a great weekend... that it's April...are you glad March is over? will miss seeing what you have been wearing and making! whats your next project? have a great weekend XX