Friday, 8 April 2011

Dress to tunic top refashion

This was a UK size 20 dress in the local charity shop. It is a silk cotton mix and the fabric feels lovely, it is also lined in cotton. I liked the pattern and colours and bought it. Though I am not sure about the fabric if it is too old lady or not, I just cannot decide. So I am wearing it and then I will decide!

The first thing I did was to trim the sleeves, cutting off the edging bands. Then I altered the dress to be a tunic using my Amy Butler Anna tunic as a shape and size guide. I drew round the Amy Butler tunic on the inside of the dress using tailor's chalk to show my stiching line. Then I trimmed away the excess fabric after sewing.

I am hoping this will be a good top for summer.


  1. This is a great re-fashion i love the material! Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  2. I think it looks great - not old lady at all!

  3. OOo it looks so much better after your refashion. It's got a really cool summer look to it - lovely with red cardi too. x

  4. What a great, easy refashion! I've been chopping off some of my dresses into tops lately, too -- what a fast and fulfilling project :)

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