Monday, 30 May 2011

Easy Summer Skirt aka pillowcase

I had my birthday in May and recieved this book from my friend Lovely Sarah. I thought I would try the "Easy breezy skirt" which is a skirt made from a pillow case.

It is really simple, you just cut open the shorter seam on the pillow case, try it on to check the length, and make a casing, insert elastic. skirt.

I was inspired by Alessa's links to scalloped hem tutorials to try and add a scalloped hem too. I read both the tutorials and then just traced my scallops onto the reverse side of the fabric using a tumbler. Here are tutorial links here and here

I used an Ikea pillow case that I bought a while ago together with matching duvet cover from the charity shop. Now I just need it to get warmer as it is too damn cold to go out in my new skirt!


  1. This is wonderful! Hope you are having a great weekend xx

  2. That is fabulous! Clever plus great fabric. Well done!

  3. Especially like the addition of scallops =). You're making me itch to try out the technique!

  4. Lovely scallops & wonderful fabric. Roll on a sunny me made June day! BTW love your new banner! Cute pic :-)

  5. Yay for scallop hems! The skirt is really cute, I love the fabric!