Saturday, 7 May 2011

thrifty 365 update

Still no PC in our house, but here is a post I scheduled a while ago. I hope normal service will be reumed in time for me-made June.

In relation to thrifty 365, I have quite a lot of related stuff to post so this is just Part 1.

I have been trying to spend mindfully and, only buying what we need or what is really lovely. Several times I have deliberately stayed away from shops, cafes etc and concentrated on doing something else else. There are some mornings when I definitely feel like going shopping, having a coffee but I am moving away from this. I have been to a local charity shop a couple of times, though I usually go just before I have to collect T from school, that way I get a walk, and can go without Little I who always wants to buy lots of toys. I always try and stick to the rule that something has to go into the charity shop before something else can be bought!

I am really glad I went in recently (two carrier bags of kid's clothes and a few of my old clothes went in) as look what I found, the Boden jumper above. I do love stripes. I wore this in Devon at easter a lot.

I also bought a set of 1970s glasses. At the moment we only have plastic drinking cups in our house. We may have only half a roof and no floor in our new house, but at least we now have a set of glasses.

On a recent trip to my local library I went to look at their second hand book sale and found a bag ful of books for £1. Yes, that is one pound for the whole bag not per book. There were lots of cross stitch books there which I left behind and a couple of sewing guides. I couldn' t justify bringing them home despite the price. However, I did get this "Secrets of the Couturiers" it is a very eighties book in the illustration style. It looks at a different designer in each chapter and analyses their work, then presents some idea for the home sewer to integrate into their sewing to use the ideas of the designers. It includes Poiret, Vionnet, Chanel, Schiaperelli, and Dior.

Lots of inspiration inthere. I also got the book below, "Fairy tale Quilts and Embroidery" which has lots of embroidery ideaas and examples, and shows start to finsih on projects in photos.

I also bought a book on storage solutions which includes instructions on how to build pigeonhole style shelving., a book for Little I and a healthy living type book for women.
I have also been having a big clear out, sorting the childrens' clothes and mine. I have started putting some clothing bundles on ebay to raise a bit of money. I usually leave my paypal money in paypal and use it to buy craft supplies. But I have to confess I have been browsing clogs on ebay and summer shoes and was thinking of saving my ebay money for those. Never mind those children and their shoes!


  1. Sounds like you have been doing well. I do think you should buy shoes with the Paypal money. Kids are usually able to find some new way to play with craft supplies, but it's hard to keep wearing the same old shoes.

  2. Bravo you staying away from the places that suck money from the purse. I can be strong with stuff like cafes (though I love a capuccino!) and am getting stronger with books (buying secondhand)but my weakness comes out with craft materials. I barely even have the ability to say no. Sometimes it's just better not to go into the shop....

  3. I agree with Sigrid, shoes are important! (They're the one thing I readily spend money on) And kids are pretty resourceful when it comes to play materials.

    It's funny how we can "recalibrate" our sense of "needing" to go shopping or pop into a cafe for a cup of coffee, isn't it? I remember when I first started trying to do this it was really hard, because shopping was my way of de-stressing in college and when I lived in China immediately following college. But after years of gently moving away from it, it just feels so natural. Same with eating out, too. Humans are such adaptable creatures!

    Hope things sort themselves out soon =). And that Boden jumper looks yummy.

  4. Thanks for the comments. i did actually spend five of my ebay pounds on a pair of keds. They have hardly been worn and are dark brown with a wedge heel that has black and white polka dots on. Once reconnected I will share a photo. Jessica, I agree it is a process of recalibration and adjustment,giving up things like needing my cafe habit or frivolous shopping.

  5. kudos on the spend less/live more front. i've been trying here as well, but fell off the wagon big time when it came to buying new spring clothes for myself & the kids. love your idea of something has to go in before something comes out at the charity shop.
    & looks like you found some very good finds there! love the colors on that boden jumper. & that fairytale quilts & embroidery book looks fantastic!!! hope you are having a happy week!