Friday, 6 May 2011

not too far away

I am sorry for the lack of posting recently. This is because our computer broke two weeks ago and we cannot get it to work. On the same day some one drove into the back of my car at a roundabout and it is a write off! (That was not a good day). The good news is none of us were seriously hurt, just shaken up.
So I have been occupied over the last two weeks with phone calls and insurance paperwork. I have also been busy with little I's fourth birthday last week. Sadly as I have no PC I cannot show you any photos. I am just writing this on a public access computer in my local library, I am not keen to load my photos onto a public access PC.
I am really missing my blog friends and all your lovely comments and reading blogs. I feel so left out!!

BUT with the extra time I now have in the day I made quite a lot of things...of course I can't show you photos today but trust me I am telling you the truth...I have made two Simplicity 2599 tops, missing out the ruffles and facings. I made Little I a Kiki doll from Clothkits for her birthday, and I just have the hem left to do on an Amy Butler Anna mini dress. I've also started making a dress for Little I. All these clothes are made with fabric from my bin bags hauled back from Devon in February. Hurray for free fabric!

I hope to have things up and running and back to normal blogging service soon - I hope you can bear with me. I just have to find a replacement car superfast...this is not the kind of shopping I enjoy! Once that is all sorted I will be able to relax and sort out my computer situation.
I have an old drafted post that I forgot to publish last month to share with you soon.


  1. Oh no! I thought you must be on holiday! Hope you get everything sorted out soon. I lost "My Favourites" and have a similar feeling that there is a party going on somewhere but that I have not been invited - it's very frustrating! Yeah - my dear husband thinks my Portfolio makes me look like a "little wee girlie" :S

  2. Oh Debbie, I'm glad that you are resorting to craft & creativity to soothe the unkindness of this modern world. Looking forward to seeing a bumper catch up when it all gets sorted. Fingers crossed, not too painful xx

  3. Oh, no! That must have been the worst day, ever. Glad you´re all okay though, and I hope things will get sorted out as soon as possible! Best of luck with the computer and the car!

  4. OUch! And what a bore. We miss you.

  5. Glad you are all OK and hope that it gets sorted out soon. Sending good karma your way! I'll be very interested to see your 2599 tops without facings and ruffles as I just made one (my first garment from a pattern, ever!) and only did a tiny ruffle and facing only on the neckline. If I could pull off no facings at all and just use bias tape to trim, I'd do a bunch of these, it's a great top and a great fit.

  6. I'm glad you're all ok, being bumped from behind is really scary and very irksome if you end up being car-less as well as shaken up.

    I had a clothkits dolly when I was little and loved her to bits - literally. I hope little I loves hers and enjoys her birthday too!

  7. oh no! i'm so sorry about your computer & car troubles! i hope you are back in the swing soon!
    & seems as though your break from the web is proving productive! quite a bit of making you've gotten accomplished there!! can't wait to see all you've been up to :)

    happy sewing!!