Saturday, 28 May 2011

Anna sundress

During my offline hiatus I made this orange summer dress. It is made from a piece of quilting fabric I found in my Devon bin bag stash. Is this stash endless I hear you ask? Well, it does go on and on but there were not many pieces of fabric this big.

Using a familiar pattern is great as it is a no-brainer and I made the dress in two days in between school run and the usual daily nonsense, sorry I mean, stimulating and fascinating activities.

I used the Amy Butler Anna tunic pattern which I have used twice before, but I made it longer this time so it is more of a dress than a tunic. Previous versions are posted Here and here. I like the way that each version of this pattern that I make is so different and so wearable. I think this dress has a sixties flavour to it. I am saving the photo opp of this dress being worn for Me Made June.

I am scratching my head about how to photo myself for June - can you really bear another month of photos with such messy backgrounds?



  1. That dress looks amazing! Makes me think of Jackie O a bit, probably the neck and the colour. Can't wait to see what it looks like on!

    I'm wondering what to do about MMJune photos too and thinking if I don't get them done in work where there is a convenient white wall is to peg a white sheet to the washing line and take photos against that if I don't go anywhere with pretty backgrounds!

  2. Cute dress. Those round yokes look so wearable.

    I finally took a piece of fabric, put some rings on the corners and hung it in a wide doorway. That takes a lot of stress off about decluttering. Then I made a skirt out of the fabric, so now I need to start over.

  3. Very pretty, I like the yoke a lot!
    Who cares about backgrounds, we just want to see your pretty garments. :) Although nice alternative backgrounds could be greenery (back yard? park? benches can make acceptable tripods) or front doors...

  4. Beautiful! Love how you've made so many different, versatile versions of the same pattern!