Saturday, 25 May 2013

A stash busting giveaway

I am taking a short break from my new strange compulsion of pinning images of other peoples' colour co-ordinated lego collections to have a stash giveaway.  Seriously I have three things to say,:
1. pinning is weirdly addictive,  and
2. WHO has time to colour co-ordinate lego? 
And 3.  WHO has children that keep it so unaturally organised? 

 Though it looks lovely, I guess the problem would arise when those pesky children play with it and mess up the system!  I can imagine the cries of  "Don't touch the lego, darling, I just arranged it all". 

Anyway, enough pinterest-fuelled wittering. on with the fabric giveaway,
this giveaway is partly inspired by Alessa. She recently had a stash busting giveaway which I was lucky enough to win some fabric in. I used it to make my dotty tee shirt seen above.

So I felt it was only just and proper to share my luck and hold a stash fabric giveaway of my own.
 It is checked cotton, 60" wide and 144" long, originally from Strawberry Fayre  It has sat in my mum's stash for a few years.    I can envisage this as a lovely Tova blouse or tunic or a sweet little plaid dress, maybe a Sew Lisette Traveller?  If you are interested in winning it, please leave a comment - I would love to hear what you would make from this fabric - with details of how to contact you if it's not linked into your commenting name. I will throw in a couple of other little surprises with the fabric.
We used the fabric as a backdrop for T's scout photography badge work. 
Giveaway closes next weekend, Sunday 31st May, good luck. Ooops!  Is it just me? Were you too polite to mention that I don't know my dates?  I mean Sunday 2nd June.


  1. The spotty dotty T looks cute! Lovely fabric thanks for holding a give a way, I think I would make a skirt, wide band at the top and lovely pleats. By the time I get to sew it I would also want to make a cute top or that lovely Lisette smock/ dress pattern (which I think you have made before) Good luck with the lego, personally I advise, Just let go.

  2. My friend has colour co-ordinated her son's Lego! It's in an underbed storage tray on rollers and can be pulled out from under the sofa and put away with half built things intact! It's amazing. Never managed anything like that with my children, but I had three and she has they are teenagers and seriously untidy. (Eep-maybe it's my fault for not organising their Lego!)
    As for your giveaway, please enter me as I am desperate to make a checked top and have been scouring our local charity shops for a man's shirt to convert with no success (too many logos and pockets!). I would go for either a peasanty style short sleeve with elastic neckline (sounds dire!) or a little contrasting collar. Further more I promise to use all scraps!!

  3. Oh, cute fabric! I admit that I already have three different plaids in my stash that are supposed to become shirtwaist dresses. Somehow I always think shirtwaist when I see a plaid. And if there's any fabric left, maybe another pair of Sorbetti/Madeleine pyjamas? :)
    Good for you for sharing the luck - and keeping lego sorted by colour is definitely unnatural. Everyone knows that you keep it sorted by size... ;)

  4. I really should be stashbusting myself but I couldn't resist entering for your giveaway. I have a weakness for checks and plaids. I'm a hoarder so nothing in my house is as neatly sorted as those Lego blocks.

  5. lol, you should have seen my daughter's room, I have given up. I now tidy it three times a year: Christmas, Easter and Summer. I spend one whole day sorting out Barbie stuff, Pet Shops, Polly Pockets, Lego and Puzzles in different boxes. This is just so overwhelming I need to drink along the way almost. The rest of the time all the little things ans stuff is just everywhere (but amazingly they find it anyway, I don't understand how)

  6. Such a great colour combo in that fabric. You know, as it's you, and you've made what I still think of as the definitive Lisette traveler shirt dress, that would be my first thought. I might get side tracked, but I'd tryntommake something in honour of the stash buster!!

  7. Life is too short to colour coordinate your kids junk.
    The fabric would just have to be made into something that includes a bow somewhere about the place!
    Try and enjoy a lego-less half term!!

  8. Hahaha, I have been known to tidy my daughter's bookshelves to absolute perfection and then forbid her to remove any books! Usually only lasts about a day before I give in to the mess for another few months!!! Love the plaid. PS. Are you going to the Birmingham meet up?

  9. Oh --- I know I am not supposed to be accumulating more fabric. Quite the opposite, I've got a goal to bust an entire box of stash before the year is out ... and here we are at the halfway point ... and I am entering myself for this lovely piece of yardage! There's something about plaid that really sings to me right now, and this piece is so beautiful. I think I'd make a Cambie out of it - straighten out the sweetheart neckline and then let the pattern girlify the plaid ...