Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Me Made May day 2 - 6

2nd May, Sew Lisette Portfolio dress Simplicity 2245
Made May 2011
Behind me is our almost finished rebuilt house.....we hope to move in this year
Here is my Me Made May roundup so far, days 2 - 6.  I have been enjoying the novelty of the fab weather.   

 3rd May  - Simplicity 2259 top - made August 2010
Vogue 1247 skirt - April 2013
This is on the way home from school. 

As I  was labelling the photos I thought it would be interesting to date the garments to see their longevity.  There is a lot of emphasis on novelty in sewing - always a new pattern craze or new fabric....but i want to see how much I already have.  
4th May - Renfrew tee shirt - February 2013 and Tate denim skirt - 2010.  It was Little I's birthday party this day and I didn't have much time for photos.  
5th May - Recovering from the day before!  A lazy day at home.
Amy Butler Anna tunic -
made May

6th May - Simplicity /Sew Lisette Traveller dress - March 2013


  1. Looks like you have been enjoying the lovely weather. I particularly like the portfolio dress and the traveller dress.

  2. Hi, how exciting with a new, rebuilt hous! You have to show us! Oh, I can't believe it's so spring like in the UK, to actually wear a dress and bare legs, very jealous!

  3. Gosh I so do much agree with you about the novelty aspect of sewing! I often love the new patterns that come out, but don't have enough time (or money!) to keep up. So I sew what I need at the time... I noticed on the Flickr group many of the clothes were years old and they look amazing. Maybe it's harder to throw away something you have made yourself.

  4. Yay for sunny skies! :) And happy belated birthday to your little one.
    I love how bright and colourful your outfits are. :)

  5. You look ace every single day! I love how all your me-mades are so damn wearable! That's a very inspiring trait

  6. Wow, what a lovely setting for photos! I love the colors that you wear-- they're all so pretty!