Monday, 13 May 2013

Tova 1 and 2

I was thinking about Tovas for about a year - then when the pattern was released as a pdf  last year, I bought it.  I planned to make a tova for so long it was almost anti climatic once I did.  I printed the pdf off,carefully filed it away.  So carefully that when I finally came to make it I couldn't find my print out so had to begin again.  I finished my first tova blouse in March.  I used some dark grey linen or linen blend from my mum's stash.  My mum is unwell and can no longer sew.  She was a formidably talented quiltmaker and since the late 1980s that was her passion.  But, before that she also used to do dressmaking, knitting and lacemaking.  Slowly, very slowly, each time I visit,  I have been dismantling some of her stash, accrued over twenty years.  I give some away to other sewers, donate some to charity and keep some to work with.  I have a rule though that I have to USE these fabrics.  I cannot bear to unearth one stash only to fill up another of my own. 

It is an emotionally draining chore at times.  But also a chore that yields hidden treasures.  Like this lovely dark grey fabric.  It is a lovely weight and hangs well.

There was only enough fabric to make the blouse not a dress version.  The pattern went together straightforwardly.  I followed the instructions mostly.  I have worn the top a lot but find it really frustratingly hard to get a decent photo.  The fabric creases a lot during the day and it is tricky to photo dark colours.  The one adjustment I would like to make to the blouse is adding a couple of buttons to the placket.  I wear it over a cami or vest currently as I don't like too much chest on show, plus the flappiness kind of irritates me. 

Almost straight after finishing Tova no.1, I made a second.  This time in a white polycotton with little flowers on.  This came from my friend's clear out of her 93 year old mum's stash!  It had sat in my stash for a year...time to move it on. 

The problem I have with this is it is almost transparent fabric, so has to have a cami underneath and I have no pretty pale ones.  And I feel it looks a bit like a nightie on me. 

But it is a nice summery blouse for those not-too warm/not-too-cold days we seem to have a lot of.  Once again I plan to put a button or two on the placket, just waiting for the right button inspiration to hit me. 

A placket just waiting for the right buttons


  1. Such pretty fabric and makes! Sorry to hear about your mum, I hope she picks up soon x

  2. Yes it is better to wait for the button inspiration to come along rather than rush the process....I have made too many hasty button choices in the past.Your Tova looks very nice too by the way.

  3. you need a vest for tova 2! love to you and your family. x

  4. Those Tovas have such different feelings: the grey feels classic and the flowers so pretty. I still plan on making that pattern, but I think I will try to add a button hole or two to the placket.

  5. Two lovely Tovas! They feel so different, but would both make for lovely summer wears. I wound up stitching up the placket on my first Tova by about 2", and adding some buttons to the second one (and also underlining the yoke to make it a little stiffer).

  6. I loved to read the story behind your tovas. I think handmade clothes have more meaning anyway, but even more so with these sources of fabric (and well done resisting the urge to stash your Mum's stash!!) These tunic styles are modern classics, you can always toughen up the pretty floral version with a some denim and boots!