Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Made by me May and sewing challenges

Zoe has posted more detailed info onher Made by Me May challenge which I have signed up for. She writes that whatever rules you set for the challenge the defining tenet (as I understand it) is that it needs to be challenging yourself - so if you already wear one homemade item most days you could raise the bar by trying two.

I have realised that in participating in this and in preparing for it I can tackle some of my personal sewing goals for this year. These involve me in improving my existing skills and learning some new ones, as well as hopefully creating some new clothes that fit me and that I want to wear!

  1. To try sewing stretch fabrics

  2. To start putting in more sleeves - and to try out different sleeve shapes

  3. Linked to number 2 - to make what I call a "proper shirt" ie with collar, sleeves and buttons.

  4. To make trousers with a button and zip and not just simple drawstrings

  5. To gain confidence in altering patterns and making my own patterns.

  6. To try and use recycled fabrics, not spending vast amounts of maney on new fabric

And finally, as I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to try and improve my basic sewing skills and attitude. To stop taking short cuts and rushing things and to try and enjoy the process of making more. The rushing is partly due to the fact that I mainly sew when my kids are asleep or if my daughter naps. I am so aware of this limited time that I tend to rush things - and I am not sure how to tackle this. I read in that great philosophical guide to life that is called "Sainsbury's Magazine" that trying to slow down and enjoy whatever you are doing, valuing processes, and taking it calmly is called MINDFULNESS. There you go, enlightenment from the supermarket.

I have started making my first t shirt from some cotton jersey and will write more about it once I have some pics. I hope it works so I can start to put two me-made items together in May. At the moment the t shirt is a bit huge round the waist but fits round the bust, Hmmmm....

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