Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Toddler Wrap dress

I was lucky to win this pretty floral fabric in Zoe's online fabric swap. It came from Sarah and after making the dress, I still have enough left over to make something else as well - plus Sarah kindly included some pretty ribbon that I am planning to use on some little summer trousers (for Little One,not me).

I decided to make a dress for my little girl and chose to make this wrap dress from a pattern by the very clever Melissa from tinyhappy I like the idea of a dress that can grow with the child. It is also something she can wear over leggings or trousers - my daughter is not a fan of dresses generally and I felt this was not too girly. The pattern and instructions are really easy to follow. The most time consuming bit is making the binding but I confess I quite like make binding at the moment. It's a good job to do when I want to make something but not think too hard.

Here it is on the little one who cannot stand still
and whose hands are fast as lightning (#everybody was kung-fu fighting#)
And can you see in the background where she has done an enormous scribble drawing up the wall? Tee hee


  1. Oh my gosh! It is adorable!! Thanks so much for letting me know it got used! (I still haven't gotten to my own swap-gained fabric!)

  2. Such a cute dress! I love the pattern and color.

  3. Thank you Sarah for kind comment - I am looking forward to seeing what youmake from your fabric swap.
    Thank you Rose - I think the fabric makes the dress in this case!

  4. Ah lovely dress what a great idea!Your daughter looks similar age to my youngest!A dear friend has just made her a dress I will post it on my blog if she will pose in it:) x