Saturday, 17 April 2010

Slow Sewer Spring Dress

I finished my 3835 dress about a week ago and have worn it twice over jeans - I love it - it is very comfortable and easy to wear. I am not sure if the rest of the world likes it but never mind. It is an Amy Butler fabric and with the large print I had some doubts about whether I would look like a giant toddler in it but hopefully the back darts create enough shape to save me. I am also not used to wearing large prints but the yellow and grey colour scheme won through for me, it is fairly muted so doesn't scream "BIG PRINT".
I did struggle with this dress as I wrote in an earlier post because I initially tried to put in a neckband and it felt too tight for me so I finally scrapped that idea and put in elastic.

At this stage of life (yes, that sounds like I am 70 years old) I need easy to put on outfits that I can chase my kids round in with ease. So this dress fits that bill nicely (though I may still dream of something more tailored!)

I would like to add that in a new bid to overcome my naturally sloppy tendencies when sewing I have been trying to slow down and enjoy the process rather than trying to rush to the end result. I have been using french seams where suitable and I am hoping these more carefully made garments will last longer. My grandfather ran a dress making business and I sometimes think he would be furious if he saw me cutting badly, sewing wonkily, not pressing seams etc. so I am now a seam pressing, careful cutting Slow Sewer.

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  1. Wow what a gorgeous dress,I've just signed my daughter up for a couple of workshops to help her get started before doing A level textiles.I'm so envious with your lovely things you make.I have a huge list of things for her to make me or our little Angel one of 5 Angels in our house!!x