Friday, 22 October 2010

House progress

As you may or may not be aware we are renovating and rebuilding a house. About 3 weeks ago the builders came along and started work.

I hope we can move in next year, maybe in March. I am being cautious here as building projecst always seem to over run or at least they do on TV. This morning I have been struggling with filling in a primary school application form for Little I as when we move we will change local education authorities and she will therefore be in catchment for a different set of schools. I think I have to send in some proof we are moving to where we say we are moving! Luckily we already moved T to the school in catchment for the new house so that is one less complication. I know however that I will be worrying in the middle of the night until mid January (when you are informed) as to whether she has a place at her big brother's school or not.

Anyway, last weekend I went over with the camera and here are a few pictures to share with you.

The view through the "front door"

The living room.

And in true sustainable living wannabee style I give you Mr Minnado's woodpile! He has been collecting old pallets from factories and the offcuts from our local woodyard (with permission!) for about two months now and this is about half of his collection. The other half has already been chopped up and stored ready for use as fuel when we move in. But some of this lot we hope to be able to use in building furniture for the house.
The children have already found new entertainment in being allowed to each select one piece of wood to bring home and paint. This wood was all designated rubbish at the yards/factories and I am not sure where it would have ended up.


  1. Hope your house rebuild goes well! Russ is a plaster and does alot of building work too...we used to rebuild and renovate houses, i never wanted to leave them when they were finished. Have a lovely evening x

  2. What excitment! It'll be totally your design & feel totally new - my house has been near gutted (like Alexandra my partner is a builder) & it's great being surrounded by all my choices & decisions. Looking forward to following your journey!