Sunday, 3 October 2010

September reflections

1. Cardigans - what can I say? They must appear daily in my life. I love cardigans and am not sure I could dress without them. Is this an english thing? Layering is key to me dressing in the english climate. I will have to make some if I am to go with a fully me-made wardrobe in March. I am not sure if I should go down a knitting route or sewing some jersey cardigans. With 6 months to prepare maybe I can manage both.

2. I like having a record of a month out of my life. In our family I am usually the one taking the photos so I often don't appear in them.

3. It was easier in some ways this time than in May as I had more items and also some neutral things - I loved having my tate denim skirt which goes with so many other things. I also really liked having my two stripey tops. Wearing my own made things feels more like normal these days.

4. It was harder just because Sept is a busier month than May and this September has been one of changes for us as a family, so there was a lot of extraneous stuff going on.

5.I enjoyed being part of a group, receiving comments from the same people and seeing their outfits - it feels like a community. I didn't participate so much through Flickr this time round partly due to lack of time. I made new contacts and I always love that.

6. I have a heap of mending and alterations to do to my existing Me Made clothes to make them more wearable. My nautical top is too big, my grey duvet top is too small.

7. I made trousers and they fit! I surprised myself here.

8. March is a strange month weather wise and to go a step further and wear more outfits that are fully me-made I would need a range of clothes for warm and cold weather. Hmmmm...need to think this through.


  1. Really enjoyed reading your September reflections, i'm the same about cardigans and i need some more (the knitting is going very slowly) Hope you have a great week x

  2. I totally agree with you on so many of your points! Especially on cardigans & the community feel to SSS making new friends & keeping track of their achievements. It would be great to take part in me made March in a greater proportion of hand mades ... I am thinking those thoughts too .....!