Saturday, 19 February 2011

Drum roll....Refashion Co-op

A new blog about refashioning has just launched. Refashion Co op is a
co operative based blog for those interested in refashions. It came about from an idea of Eddie Duckling to have a replacement for Wardrobe Refashion.
There are seven editors of the blog which means each one takes a day a week to look after the site, answer comments and emails and do the admin. (Oh, yes, and guess what? I am one of those editors, I am usually there on a monday) This week each editor is introduced with an interview and pictures. There some amazing talented people there (...and no, I don't mean me)

Any one interested in refashions and with some creations to share is welcome to sign up as a contributor. You can check out at the blog, or email via There is also a facebook page and twitter too.
PS: Don't forget my giveaway see the previous post for details.


  1. Thats great! It does look a wonderful site.

  2. Fantastic that you are involved in this ... I thought I recognised the cardi on Zoe's recent post! Well done you :-)

  3. And a lovely addition to the editors team you are too!
    No reason to sell yourself short - you are among the amazingly talented people for sure. Don't know about me though. I think I need to pull myself together with the refashion soon.