Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Finished Ruffle Shirt

I finished the bulk of this shirt about three weeks ago and then had a long pause due to lack of buttons. I used the Built by Wendy Sew U book's shirt pattern and based it upon the ruffle shirt. The fabric was from a bag of fabric remnants that a friend gave me for Christmas. It is a cotton/poly mix I would guess. I wanted to try out a shirt pattern and thought I have nothing to lose using this fabric.
At first I made it with long sleeves but they just looked so very wrong,so I chopped them off and added elastic in the casing to make them a bit more gathered. I wanted to make fabric covered buttons then decided I was too lazy. But a trip to a haberdashery convinced me to make them as there were no buttons I could find that would suit this fabric colour (also the prices - 65p per button!) These buttons are so small that it was a really fiddly job to do them but I am pleased now with the result.

The pattern was easy to follow, but the only thing I would say is you don't literally follow one set of instructions, but go through the shirt chapter in the book, finding the relevant sections to this shirt version and pick them out. So I did have to engage my brain. Just a little.
Some pics of it on me soon, it is just a bit cold here today for short sleeves and I just realised Little I has repainted the bathroom sink with pink toothpaste, so I must go and do some cleaning.


  1. That blouse is incredible - great colour - I remember seeing the hint of ruffle in an earlier post, but didn't put together that it was a BBW - it's on my list to try now. I also think the self cover buttons elevate it & somehow transform the "plain polycotton" to make it look very expensive & well made! Really like it - am looking forward to seeing you model it!

  2. I agree, those little details really make it! What a great blouse.

  3. Thank you - I am pleased with the buttons even though they were a pain to make andI am not sure how robust they are going to be in the washing machine!

  4. This is wonderful! I love the colour and the style xxx